iPhone iPod Touch の便利なカメラがおすすめ

iPhone iPod Touch の便利なカメラがおすすめです。iPhoneに簡単に装着できて、6倍ズームまでできます。純正のカメラではご不満な方は是非どうぞ。なんと価格は、US$19.00で格安で今は、円高ですのでさらにお得です。  Apple iPhone 3G Mobile Phone TelescopeiPhoneに付けれる簡単なカメラiPhoneに装着できる簡易レンズWith this 6x Zoom Telescope, Well, Just Get it to Extend the Shooting Power of your iPhone 3G!!Usage

  • Install the crystal case first enclosed with the telescope.
  • Adjust the clear focus with the naked eye.
  • It can take a picture while fixing the telescope on back crystal case. (If the screen of your cellphone is analyzed degree enough, you can adjust the focus with the screen of the cellphone). 


  • Apple iPhone 3G
  • Package Content
  • Mobile Phone Telescope
  • Neckstrap
  • Crystal Case with adapter 

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